CoolSculpting - Under Chin - Double Chin Reduction*

CoolSculpting for the double chin or under chin fat reduction*


*Results May Vary

coolsculpting-double-chin-reduction coolsculpting-under-chin-double-chin

*Results may vary from patient to patient

CoolSculpting Double Chin

CoolSculpting for the double chin has quicly gain popularity and here at Skin Perfect Medical in Whittier, CA we were one of the first practices in the nation to get the applicator (CoolMini)to treat the fat under the chin.* This CoolSculpting treatment works the same way as all other applicators and uses the same technology to freeze fat cells by appliying cold to this hard to exercise areas. The beauty about the CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is that people can reture to their normal activities as it does not require any downtime.* Give as a call to learn more about CoolSculpting.

Results and patient experience may vary